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Wideo is a great online application that lets you create presentations in the form of short videos, showing professional results thanks to the many templates and tools it incorporates to edit your work. You can create presentations from scratch, or customize one from a specific predefined template. You can adjust images, objects, background, text, sound, and add them to the video according to your needs.

This application is really easy to use, and it helps you create all types of presentations, adding elements of certain complexity with real simplicity, in a way that enables any user to make professional presentations without much trouble. All the basic functionalities are clearly separated on Wideo's interface.

The video can last up to 45 seconds, and can be made of as many scenes as you need. You can add all the effects and elements you want, without any limits.

The free version only lets you create a video as long as 45 seconds, using 10 tracks and 380 images.

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